Please do not send your child to Sorelle Academy if they are feeling unwell, a family member or someone in your household are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.


  • All parents/guardians are kindly asked to maintain social distancing when arriving at our venue. Please observe guidance such as floor markers and signs. 

  • All parents/guardians are permitted to wear a mask when dropping off their child.

  • No parents/guardians are permitted to enter the building (unless in an emergency). 

  • Reception areas will have a one-way flow system. 

  • A cash machine will now be available at the reception desk. 

  • Hand Sanitising Machines will be at the main reception desk. 

  • Children are required to arrive in uniform and encouraged to remove their 'outdoor shoes' once in the building and to bring a change shoes for class i.e. Jazz Shoes.

  • Please ensure your child only brings essential possessions to Sorelle Academy (such as water, lunch or a snack for break and any medical needs i.e. Asthma pump), and to keep those possessions close to them wherever practicable. 

In class:

  • Children will be kept in their class group/bubbles.  

  • Hand sanitisers will be in each classroom and the main entrance. 

  • Regular hand washing will be encouraged by all teachers. 

  • Markers/Spots will be placed on the floor to ensure children are social distancing.  

  • Teachers will modify activities to comply with social distancing measures.  

  • Increased ventilation of the space. 

  • Students will have no contact with one another.  

  • Teachers will ensure children that are given paperwork to keep and not to be shared between them.  

  • Non-essential items (such as props and costumes) will not be used for the time being. 


  • No parents are permitted to wait inside the building.  

  • All parents/guardians are permitted to wear a mask when picking up their child.

  • Students are to be collected from outside of the building.  

Staff Safety:

  • Stock of visors, masks and hand sanitiser will be available to all staff.  

  • At least one trained first-aider on sight at all times. 

  • Staff must not arrive to work feeling unwell or showing any displaying any signs of Covid19. 

  • All staff have been informed of the new health and safety measures at the school and will be conducting their classes in line with the government guidelines. 

If someone falls ill with Covid19 at Sorelle Academy:

  • Always keeping a record of sign in's to ensure we know who is in the building and who to contact.  

  • Inform staff and other pupils that had possibly been in contact with the person. 

  • Advise the group/bubble the student has been in, to get a Covid test or to self- isolate.  

  • Please note that we will only inform the child's group/bubble if the child directly has fallen ill or tested positive with Covid. 

Having to Self Isolate and unable to attend class at Sorelle Academy:

  • Children who have been requested to stay at home to self isolate must inform us as soon as possible.

  • We do not offer refunds for those who have had to self isolate.

  • We will be offering an online portal for the children to catch up on any work missed throughout their time off of classes.

Workshop and Dance Party Booking Protection:

  • Your booking and payments are protected.

  • Your bookings will be refunded should the event not go ahead due to the Government Guidelines.

  • Should you have made the payment via Paypal we will deduct the booking fee from your refund.

  • Children who have been requested to stay at home to self isolate must inform us as soon as possible.

  • We do not offer refunds for those who have had to self isolate.


Business Continuity at home:

  • If for any reason, we are unable to deliver our classes in the venue, we will be offering replacement classes delivered via an online platform such as Zoom where available. 

Sorelle Academy has undertaken a covid-19 risk assessment to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students, staff and families at Sorelle Academy.  

This risk assessment falls in line with the government guidelines stated in: 

Please note, as government guidance and policy change, we will be updating safety measures accordingly.

Last updated 15th October 2020'